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Why Always Keep a Fire Extinguisher in Your Car?

The best way to securing your huge investment on your real estate or property or your vehicle is by installing a fire extinguishing or fire douser system. This way you’re always a step ahead of any calamity putting you to the brink of losing your property or even life. Just imagine, you’re traveling in your beloved vehicle and all of a sudden it catches fire, it would become so hard for you to even save your life, let leave alone the car. In the absence of a proper fire suppressant system, all you can do is watching your car becoming a heap of wasted money. In order to avoid such a calamity, it is always recommended to have a  brake pad change dubai system installed in your auto or your house.


There is no one in the world who would want to watch his or her car getting ruined like this. Your car or any other vehicle is just the right candidate for a fire-related incident since it contains both gas and oil. Moreover, when your car bursts into flame, the electrical wiring system and fuel lines also fall prey to the calamity as they are easily combustible. Even the auto battery is made up of sulfuric acid which can easily catch fire. However, keeping a fire extinguisher in your car is always a safe bid as it gives you that one precious chance to douse off the fire and save your beloved car from becoming nothing but garbage.


In most of the fire-related incidents in vehicles, it is the motor where it all begins and expands to the other parts of the car including fuel system and engine. If you have the fire extinguisher, you can immediately take it out from the car and use it to douse off the fire before it spreads to the other parts. Keeping a fire extinguisher in your car also allows you to be helpful to any other person facing such an incident.


Purchasing a fire extinguisher is a great decision but even a greater decision is to keep it maintained an in the best working condition. You have to get it checked from a reliable source at least twice a year. You should always try to keep it in a place which is easily accessible yet it is a safe place in the car. When you have to use the fire extinguisher, always make sure to spray it in the base of the fire rather than hitting its center to keep it from spreading to the other parts including the Alcon brake discs.