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Things you need in your car emergency kit

Nope, we are not going to wait for a disaster to strike. We are not going to fall into an unfortunate unforeseen circumstance without preparation especially not in the middle of a beautiful road trip which we have planned for days. This is why, here we have lined up all the things which you need to prepare for an emergency kit alongside an M5 kit to ensure smooth road trips.

  • First aid kit

How do you expect a car not to have a first aid kit? Especially when you are going to be travelling far across from your home. This first aid kit must include everything necessary ranging from antiseptics to band aids and sometimes even mosquito repellents because we never know when we would be stranded on a road with a camp.

  • Fire extinguishers

Cars are a mechanic vehicle filled with fuel which could be at the brink of catching fire at any moment. You never know when you could be stuck in a situation where only a fire extinguisher could save you because fire ruins everything and turns it into ashes and we believe you wouldn’t want that to be happening.

  • Jumper cables

Even though we know you must have prepared your car fully for the trip by checking the battery also but at times things could go down the wrong hill and you may need a jump start for your car batteries and jumper cables could come handy in such situations.

  • Tow ropes

We hope you don’t get stuck in a mud pit or that your battery refuses to jump start despite the cables but hope is not everything here. You will have to prepare to get your car out of such an unfortunate situation which is when tow ropes could be very helpful. More than you could imagine, trust us.

  • Car charger

This goes by without saying but car chargers can be very easily forgotten at the wrong place at the wrong time. Getting lost on an empty road without Google maps – even if it’s not very accurate – is not fun as you would have to seek help from the real map and you wouldn’t know how to use it. So don’t forget your car chargers – EVER.

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