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Differences between A4 paper and A5 paper

A4 size paper is the most widely used paper in companies, schools, colleges and everywhere. Printing documents is the most essential work in offices and everywhere. Because without documentation, the task of company can not be proceeded. For applications you need A4 paper, for contracts and agreements you need papers, for documentation of institutes and companies you need papers and most of the documentation is done on A4 paper. If you are running company in Dubai then you can purchase cheapest A4 paper in Dubai and you must make sure that while purchasing paper it must contain the company stamp in UAE.

General information of A4 paper:


The dimension of this paper is about 8.27* 11.69 inches. It is rounded to about 595 * 842 points. This paper fits in the C6 size envelope. 

International standard:

A4 paper is included as ISO A standard. This standard is based on the German DIN476 standard. Later on Japanase have also adopted this format. 

Printing on A4 paper:

A4 paper is also used to take prints on papers. but before taking prints on paper, you must set the resolution of printer for taking pictures. The resolution detail of pictures is given here. 

If you want 300 pixels then the resolution for it will be 2480*3508 pixels. This is of high quality resolution of pictures and you can easily view these pictures from short distance. This resolution is also used in books, magazines and photo books.

If you want 150 pixels then the resolution must be 1240*1754. This resolution is used in newspapers and in posters. 

However, 8Mp pictures can also be printed on this paper. 


This type of paper is included in ISO-A and its dimension is about 148*210mm and 5.83*8.27 inches. This paper is used in magazines, forms, catalogs, copy machine printing and Euorpean letters. This paper type is also used in notepads. 

Printing guide:

Any type of document and paper can be printed on this paper. But when you can not print pictures on its both side. You can print on one side and text on other side. And when you are going to take print on this paper then you must change the settings of printer.