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4 Things You Should Tell Your Costume Designer

Your costume designer’s work is essential, especially if you are attending a costume or themed party. They will be the ones that will be responsible for your look for the event. And as a client, you need to be sure that you provide your costume designer the information they need to turn your vision to reality.

If you are currently in talks with experts in costume design in Dubai, be sure to provide them with the following things that they need to know:

  1. What the event is all about

The first thing that you need to tell your costume designer is the event that you will attend to. They need to know the concept of the event so they will have an idea what kind of costume would others wear or don on the event. There are some costume events that are working on a particular theme, so they need to know these details so they can design a piece that is aligned to the event concept.

  1. What kind of costume you want

Another important thing that the costume designer would ask would be your preference. It is important that you already have a costume in mind, so the designer would have something to work on. It would be best if you can bring some visuals and references so the costume designer would have a visual aid. But you also need to know the thoughts and ideas. You need to keep in mind that they are experts in this field. They can make your ideas better.

  1. The materials you want

This goes for clients with sensitive skin. There might be fabrics that can irritate the skin. It would be best to tell your costume designer what particular fabric you would prefer and if there are linens that will cause you skin irritation. You need to tell them this in advance so they would know what fabrics they can use to suit your preference.

  1. Your deadline

This detail is important, especially if you are ordering something urgent. You need to keep in mind that the costume designer is also working on other orders and they need to know if they will be able to accommodate your order. You also need to be realistic with your deadline. Giving them little time to do their creations would compromise the quality of the output.

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