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Dress up Fashionably According to Your Body Type

It is not a rocket science to understand and categorize yourself either in normal or plus size. plus size dresses dubai are often confusing with measurement size and styling. Plus size is usually referred from 16 and above category clothing but it is quite complex scenario for ladies who face a routine problem of size variations from brand to brand. It was estimated in 2013 that nearly 67 percent of ladies population wear plus size clothing but still this huge population is facing ignorance as per style and appropriate shaped clothing.

To simplify this confusion many plus size cloths producing industries started manufacturing shape based clothing and recommended females to choose dressing for your body type. Many plus-size departmental stores started organizing shape based categories with proper size tagging to abridge this problem. Earlier plus sized females ignored fashion trend because they feel that it is not for them to wear stylish clothing but now the dressing sense is totally changed and females don`t feel bothered being plus size shopper and want more directional, high fashion, and customized way of clothing. Now each body-type is categorized in three different levels: novice, transitional, and sophisticated.

Following are some basic ways to understand your body type and shop accordingly:


An Hourglass Shape:

In hourglass, woman’s waist is much slimmer than hips and busts which are typically fuller and most commonly found in plus-size body types.

  • Novice: A retro look makes perfect sense and gives a fit and flicker dress code for hourglass body type.
  • Transitional: A peplum top help to define your curves more properly with flared waistline and ample hips.
  • Sophisticated: A sexy, close-fitting tides and jeans can be your option to look more smart and epic with your body curves.

A Busty Shape:

Busty shaped women have straight type body with largest measurement and fuller body across her chest area. Other curves are much similar to slim females from hips and midsection.


  • Novice: The smaller V-neck tops are appropriate to give better coverage to your bust without being over cleavage.
  • Transitional: A waist line is much thinner than bust size which makes a more lose fitted look from waist and butts area. It is recommended to choose waist cinch dresses which help to highlight upper body with tangled detail.
  • Sophisticated: A turtleneck style will highlight your top with elegant V-shaped zipper detail.
  • The Apple Shape: The apple body type’s females have higher widest measurement from middle of the body as compare to shoulders, hips, and legs which are much slimmer in percentage.
  • Novice: The tunic top won’t stick to the middle section so it can be best option for apple-shaped females.
  • Transitional: Short scabbard dresses with straight lined cuts work wonderfully for a figure like apple shape. It will also be helpful to spotlight your beautiful legs.
  • Sophisticated: Slim pant with a particularly oversized tunic will play dramatic combination and make your attire in more perspective way.


The Pear Shape:

The pear shape has physical attributes of heavy hips and butt which need proper balance to look truly flaunt and excellent.


  • Novice: Fine pair of stretchable jeans with US size 12 from waist and 14 on the hip can be more tricky and fancy.
  • Transitional: The boxy top is appropriate to give upper body a boost without reducing effects of your bottom curves.
  • Sophisticated: A-line skirt shapes and screw with huge skirt are best choices for pear shaped females.


The Rectangle Shape:

The rectangle shaped females have similar measurements without any obvious defined curves of their bust, waist, and hips.


  • Novice: The shift dress or high neck tops are really great at creating a fuller shadow with additional accessories like necklaces which will draw attention of others.
  • Transitional: The Jumpsuits with boxy top and layered waist will create some delicate definition at your waistline.
  • Sophisticated: A silhouette shaped tops with loose fitted jean is best to create some curve definition.


The Carrot Shape:
The carrot shape has wider shoulders, gradually reduced waist line and slimmer legs.


  • Novice: A full skirt by design will give your lower body more dimensions and create balance from head to toe.
  • Transitional: A statement bomber with soft, raglan sleeves will reduce your shoulder size appearance and can be good to highlight other parts of your body.
  • Sophisticated: An embellished shoulder tops with skirts and pants can create the most dramatic looks in plus size clothes in dubai.