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Mr. Jing Junhai, Deputy Secretary of  CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and Governor of Jilin Province, Met with Mr. Chi Keung Lau, Board Chairman of Heung Kong Group

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The other day, Mr. Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of Jilin Province, met with Mr. Chi Keung Lau, board chairman of Heung Kong Group, and senior management of the same group, at the Guangdong Guest House. Chairman Liu was accompanied at the meeting by president of Heung Kong Holdings Mr. Xiu Shancheng,and vice-general manager of the City-Industry Division of Heung Kong Holdings Mr. Xie Chunlin, etc.; the famous city planning and operation expert Mr. Qiu Xiangyang also participated in the meeting.

Mr. Chi Keung Lau said, “Heung Kong Group has deep feelings for Jilin. In selecting our strategic areas for investments in the northeast, Jilin has been our first-choice province for layout priority and key investments, because, on one hand, we have gained good return on trade logistics project investment in the past, and on the other hand, the leaders at all the provincial, municipal and district levels, especially the principle leaders of District Committee of Erdao District, have been giving painstaking care to our development, which further strengthened our confidence.”

During the meeting, Mr. Jing Junhai, deputy secretary of  CPC Jilin Provincial Committee and governor of Jilin Province, expressed that, Jilin has a late-mover advantage for development and such advantage could mean great growth potential, and with a mode of “high-tech + characteristic industry integration + life elements”, the Intelligence and Health Town of Changchun Erdao District presented by Heung Kong Group integrates the city and industry to a good level and is overall feasible. This project also has its site strategically selected by Heung Kong Group and features world-class advanced planning; and it is desired that the project could move forward quickly.

Relevant leaders of Heung Kong Holdings reported to Mr. Jing Junhai on the progress of the Erdao District Intelligence and Health Town project on site. According to information, the Erdao District Intelligence and Health Town project is located in Erdao District, Changchun City of Jilin Province, with a planning area of 3.85 million m2. In light of the concept of industrial innovation complex, the Town has its layout arranged at a high level with a view to the revitalization of the northeast China, integrated development of Chang-Ji area and construction of a northeast Asia regional central city out of Changchun, and integrates functions of business recreation, commerce headquarters, cultural creativity, and healthy community. It aims to build a health industry innovation complex which is based in the Changchun economic circle, radiates out towards Jilin Province, and serves the northeast China region, and become the high-end health services destination of the northeast China region, a hotbed of emerging intelligence and health industries for Jilin Province, a health, recreation and LOHAS community of the Changchun economic circle, and a landmark gateway of the eastern Changchun.

With an estimated total investment of RMB 30 billion, the project, once complete, will accommodate 40,000 residents, provide 30,000 jobs, and make a tax contribution of RMB 2 billion, establishing an ecological linkage pattern with Lianhuashan and Jingyuetan National Forest Parks and forming a power engine to drive the rise of the eastern area of Changchun.

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