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Opening of the 3rd Chengdu International Housing and Furnishing Innovation Expo, Building the 1st Domestic Intelligent IoT Expo

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On April 21, the 3rd Chengdu International Housing and Furnishing Innovation Expo held a grand opening in the Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park, which would last through April 25. Co-hosted by the Investment Promotion Bureau of Sichuan Province, Federation of Industry and Commerce of Sichuan Province, Guangzhou Office of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province and China Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce and featuring an exhibition mode of “exhibition and sales in the place of origin”, this Innovation Expo is the largest home and furniture exhibition in western China, covering an exhibition area of 930,000 m2 which includes six major pavilions, attracting over 2,000 exhibitors from home and abroad and expecting more than 250,000 visitors and consumers. 

 “Sticking to the path of innovation-driven industrial development, the Chengdu International Housing and Furnishing Innovation Expo drives the marketization of the Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park and raises the development of home and furniture industry terminal market in western China to a new level,” said by Mr. Chi Keung Lau, vise-chairman of the 10th China Federation of Industry and Commerce and board chairman of Heung Kong Group, in his speech. This Innovation Expo sets several precedents in the industry: 56 new product release events are held concurrently, making it the domestic expo with most dense new product releases and a most comprehensive range of new products; and it would provide the first industrial finance support service in the country and build an intelligent trading and service platform to offer the Cloud City trading platform and services, making it the country’ s first intelligent IoT expo. In addition, a largest recruiting campaign for home and furniture talents would be conducted during the expo, which would address not only  the issues concerning home and furniture trading, but also the most urgent demand for talents in the industry.

Mr. Chi Keung Lau said, “looking into the future, we are confident that we can build, out of the Chengdu Innovation Expo, a domestically-leading and internationally-renowned home and furniture expo and a world-class event comparable with the Milan expo of Italy and High Point Market of the U.S.”

According to information, Xindu District will introduce domestic advantage resources and an intelligence research institute, and power the exhibition economy, where ancillary facilities such as 5-star hotels will be constructed and overall upgrades will be made both in hardware and software, including traffic and services.

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