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Ren Xuefeng, Secretary of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee  Performed Investigation in Heung Kong's “Unicorn Field” Accelerator

DATE:2017.11.01 SOURCE:

On October 27, Ren Xuefeng, Secretary of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Cai Chaolin, Secretary of the CPC Guangzhou Nansha District Committee performed on-site investigation with respect to construction of a free trade port, reform of business environment, innovation of system and mechanism, development of real economy, promotion of city environment, construction of ecological civilization, Shazi Island automotive terminal, cruise line home port, starting area of the Mingzhu Bay and Heung Kong's “unicorn field” accelerator.

It is said that several achievements have been made in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry in Nansha, for example, 5 AI industry funds and 3 AI foundation platforms have been established, talks with 65 AI enterprises and teams are in progress... and the Microsoft Cloud & Mobile Technology Incubation Program - Guangzhou Cloud & Mobile APP Incubator (also known as “Unicorn Field”) built with joint efforts of Microsoft (China) and Heung Kong Group and the AI Industry Fund jointly sponsored by Heung Kong Group and the Nansha District Government are two of them. Liang Wei, the head for Heung Kong's “Unicorn Field” made a special report to Secretary Ren Xuefeng in relation to the current situations of Heung Kong's “Unicorn Field” Accelerator, and explained the combination of the Microsoft’s technology innovation system and China’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation initiative.

After the report, Secretary Ren Xuefeng had in-depth and detailed talks with responsible persons of companies under incubation such as Pony.ai and Guju VR for better understanding the technologies used by technology start-ups, and provided targeted advices and opinions. 

It is known that first 18 companies have been admitted in Heung Kong's “Unicorn Field” Accelerator, covering multiple innovation fields like VR, AR, Internet of Things, e-Commerce, 3D printing.

It is planned that Heung Kong's “Unicorn Field” Accelerator will incubate 50 companies in the next three years, among which 15 teams are expected to have access to next round of financing, producing 1 unicorn company and 1 company listed on the New OTC Market, with a total valuation of RMB 2.5 billion for enterprises under incubation in three years.

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