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Heungkong Charitable Foundation Donated One Million Yuan Again to Help Thousands of Poor Elders Suffering from Cataract

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On July 13,the Heungkong Angels of Vision project, supported by Heungkong Charitable Foundation (HCF), and launched by China Foundation for Disabled Persons (CFDP) and Guangdong Public Welfare Foundation for Disable Persons (GPWFDP), was celebrated in Gungzhou Zengcheng Wellness Valley. Wang Naikun, vice chairman of China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) and the board chairman of CFDP, Mei Hing Chak, president of Heungkong Group (HG) and the chairwoman of Heungkong Charitable Foundation, Chauin Lau, secretary-general of Heungkong Charitable Foundation and general manager of Heungkong Healthcare, as well as other leaders and distinguished guests attended the ceremony.

It is reported that the Heungkong Angels of Vision project, adhering to the Heungkong group enterprise philosophy of giving back to society through business excellence, and coordinated with CFDP, was created as a public welfare activity. At the beginning of 2017, Heungkong Charitable Foundation, utilizing donations at the end of 2015, and helping one thousand Jiangxi cataract surgeries of insolvent elders in 2016, donated one million yuan again to help one thousand elders suffering from cataract in poor districts of Jiangxi and Guangdong Provinces to complete surgery operations according to the standard of one thousand yuan per person.

On the ceremony, Mei Hing Chak, president of Heungkong group and chairwoman of Heungkong Charitable Foundation, shared with the attenders her original intention of this project. She said that senile cataract was caused by factors such as increasing age , and others, and led the elder to vision loss and even blindness. Due to the Chinese economic developing imbalance and aging acceleration, there is a large number of cataract elders who cannot receive surgery timely in the poverty-stricken areas in central and western China. You can imagine that a blind person will bring a heavy burden to a family and induce the whole family into dilemma. So, Heungkong Charitable Foundation has launched this project to help many poor elders suffering from cataract complete the surgeries to see the light again.

It is reported that Heungkong Charitable Foundation has donated over 1 billion yuan since participating in charity campaigns in 1992.  In June 2005, carrying forward its enterprise values of love, integrity, trust, and faithful to its enterprise philosophy of giving back to society through business excellence, Heungkong group registered China’s first non-public charitable foundation (No. 001 Heungkong Charitable Foundation) in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in order to participate in social welfare undertakings more professionally and persistently. Since its establishment over ten years ago, Heungkong Charitable Foundation always focuses on four areas of education, poverty relief, succor, and disaster relief. It planned and carried out over twenty brand projects to help over two million people including orphans, elders, women, disable children, single mothers, poor families, primary and secondary school students and college students. With many years of hard work in relieving poverty throughout public welfare undertakings, Mei Hing Chak, president of Heungkong Charitable Foundation, won the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, awarded by the International Carnegie Institution in 2017, and became the first Carnegie charitable prize winner in the Mainland.

Wang Naikun, vice chairman of CDPF and board chairman of CFDP also gave a meaningful speech. She said that at present there are about ten million poor disabled people in China, and blindness caused by cataract is one of the leading causes of poverty. And compared to the general poverty, their poverty is the deepest, and their poverty relief is the hardest, the re-poverty rate being the  highest. Now, there are lots of cataract patients who cannot be operated because of poverty and they still need the help of the society. For two consecutive years, Heungkong Charitable Foundation donated money to CDPF to help poor cataract patients receive surgeries. This fully reflects the social responsibility and enterprise philosophy of Heungkong group and Heungkong Charitable Foundation.

On the activity site, the video about screening poor cataract patients and operating in Maoming District of Guangdong Province was also shown. In this video, an elder person, just completed the surgery to regain the light, said: “Thanks to Heungkong group’s help and affection to cataract patients in our Maoming District.”

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