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Chi Keung Lau (Chairman of the Board of Heungkong Group) Attended “China-Mongolia-Russia-Malaysia Economic and Trade Exchange”

DATE:2017.06.18 SOURCE:

“China-Mongolia-Russia-Malaysia Economic and Trade Exchange” was held during June 14-18 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. Chen Haibo (deputy secretary-general of Heilongjiang Provincial Committee), Hu Gangbateer (executive chairman of Employers Alliance of Mongolia) and well-known entrepreneurs from China and Mongolia had friendly talks during the economic and trade exchange. Chi Keung Lau (vice chairman of the 10th All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, vice chairman of Chinese Civilian Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Board of Heungkong Group was invited to attend the economic and trade exchange.

It was reported that food, wood and furniture manufacturers of China were arranged to cooperate with the manufacturers from Russia, Mongolia and Malaysia. As a host for the economic and trade exchange, Heilongjiang Government gives full play to the advantages of vast territory and abundant resources, industry, science and education in Heilongjiang Province and fully releases its competitive potential through exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad. In recent years, Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and Government have proposed the strategy of promoting and revitalizing the old industrial base development. This has greatly vitalized the private investment, improved the entrepreneurial environment and created a good investment environment for external enterprises to invest in Heilongjiang.

Chi Keung Lau revealed that Heungkong Group would seek investment opportunities in Heilongjiang Province and its surrounding regions while attending the economic and trade exchange, increase investments in modern agriculture and healthcare industry and promote the economic development of Heilongjiang and the old industrial base in northeast China.

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