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Chen Fang (Vice Chairman of Sichuan Provincial Committee of CPPCC) and the Delegation Visited Heungkong Group for Research

DATE:2017.05.18 SOURCE:

On May 11, Chen Fang (vice chairman of Sichuan Provincial Committee of CPPCC and chairman of Sichuan Federation of Industry & Commerce), Lin Shucheng (secretary of Party Committee of Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province), Liu Jian (deputy director of Poverty Alleviation and Social Services Department of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce) and main principals of Sichuan Provincial Association of Industry & Commerce, Investment Promotion Bureau of Sichuan Province and Liangshan Prefecture Government visited Heungkong Group to carry out the investment promotion activity “A Trip to Liangshan—Glorious Enterprise of China”.

Mei Hing Chak, president of Heungkong Group and Li Hanfeng (secretary general of Guangdong Federation of Industry & Commerce) accompanied them for the research. At the symposium, Mei Hing Chak extended warm welcome to Chen Fang and the delegation. Chairman Chen Fang and Lin Shucheng (secretary of Party Committee of Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province) appreciated the warm reception of Heungkong Group and emphasized that Liangshan was an important growth pole in Sichuan Province and had outstanding advantages in location and resources as well as significant late-mover advantage. It was hoped that Heungkong Group would further make full use of the unique natural resources and policy opportunities in Liangshan and establish a new mechanism for open cooperation and mutual benefit.

After listening to Chen Fang’s introduction and learning about the investment invitation, Mei Hing Chak exchanged views on the specific conditions of Liangshan with Chen Fang and Lin Shucheng, saying that a professional team would be sent to Liangshan to carry out research and demonstration, accurately connect the investment project and share the development opportunities.

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