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The first Chengdu international home innovation Expo (IFIF) is grly opening

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On April 20th, the opening ceremony of the first Chengdu international home innovation Expo (IFIF) was held in Chengdu furniture industrial park. The Home Furnishing Innovation Expo is driven by “innovation” to make Home Furnishing industry restructure develop, to promote the full range of wide field of high level of openness cooperation, to accelerate the Home Furnishing industry upgrade, to further participate in the development of global economic cooperation development. The exhibition hall is of 150 thous square meters, has a large branch of the venue, with a total exhibition area of up to 930 thous square meters covering me than 1500 exhibits. It is expected to attract me than 250,000 professional visits to attend the exhibition.

Since the exhibition has been prepared, whether it is from the planning model, exhibits invited, booth design, exhibits, etc., are trying to break through. The introduction of the igin exhibition mode is also the big innovation change. The first Chengdu international home innovation Expo is only a maj domestic br new display of domestic trading platfm, but also the place to get home industry infmation, new ideas, new models gathered. Here are the most front authitative market infmation of the industry to be released, the direction of the industry, the company’s new model of research, where you can open up the market, research the market, make communications, find out business opptunities.

“The local iginal exhibition”of the Home innovation Expo will play a significant role in the subsequent follow-ups, relying on Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park to create a professional exhibition will never end. It will effectively promote the outsting domestic feign enterprises in the wld the global distributs, buyers gathered to promote the overall development of the region, as a new card of Chengdu exhibition business.

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