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Li Ya, Luoyang municipal Party committee secretary met with President of Xiangjiang Group, Zhai Meiqing

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On April 14th, Li Ya, He’nan Provincial Committee, Luoyang municipal Party committee secretary the may Liu Wankang warmly met with Zhai Meiqing, President of Xiangjiang Group his team in Luoyang.

Representing Luoyang municipal the government, Luoyang municipal Party committee secretary Li Ya welcomed President Zhai Meiqing his team expressed their gratitude to Xiangjiang Group’s contributions to the development of Luoyang. He said, Xiangjiang Group was strong multiple in its business. Since its establishment in 2015, Xiangjiang aluminum industry has been wking with Luoyang f 12 years, which got remarkable results, mutual benefit mutual trust. We hope that the Group will continue to play an advantage, seize the opptunity to accelerate the transfmation upgrading, strive to achieve me pragmatic cooperation in health, pension, modern logistics, finance with Luoyang. At the same time we also hope Xiangjiang Group actively plays the role of a bridge to make promotions of Luoyang, let me businessmen invest in Luoyang. Luoyang municipal Party committee the municipal government will provide quality services better security f enterprises.

Zhai Meiqing expressed his appreciation f the concern suppt from Luoyang municipal Party committee municipal he made presentations about government to Xiangjiang Group, especially the Xiangjiang aluminum industry. Meanwhile, he gave rept about the development of Xiangjiang Group the investment situation in Luoyang to the Secretary Li Ya , described the new product development, industrial restructuring upgrading of the development of new products in details. He said the Group will seize the new opptunities f the transfmation development of Luoyang, exping investment development effts in Luoyang strongly deeply, willing to wk together to make new greater contributions to the development of Luoyang.

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