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Zhai Meiqing, the Chairman of Xiangjiang Group won the award of 2016 outsting social ganization president

DATE:2017.03.24 SOURCE:

On March 22nd, the second session of the third general assembly of the society of Guangdong Province, also the ion Commendation Conference was held in Guangzhou ient Guest House International Conference Center. At the conference, it held the annual social ganization recognition ceremony f 2016, Zhai Meiqing, the president of Xiangjiang Ggroup won the award of “outsting social ganization president of the year” in 2016.

The award of “outsting social ganization president of the year” Zhai Meiqing won is the highest individual award, which is ed from 55 thous social ganizations in the province, only 3 presidents of the social ganizations rewarded. So it is with high value.

In recent years, social ganizations continue to promote social progress make positive contributions. The ion of the general recognition, is the first ion of social ganizations in Guangdong, which is to play a strong role in promoting the role of social ganizations, which has a very imptant significance.

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