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Zhai Meiqing, the member of the National Committee of CPPCC: to start the development of tax policy of charitable trust as soon as possible

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Zhai Meiqing, the member of the National Committee of CPPCC, the chairman of Xiangjiang Group has been concerned about China’s charity, as early as in 2015 in the third session of the twelfth National Committee of CPPCC, he presented a proposal “About Encourage Charitable Trusts to Boost the Development of Philanthropy Proposal”. Two Sessions in this year, Zhai Meiqing put fward aher proposal to “Further Promote the Accomplishment of Developing the Charitable Trust”.

Since September 1st last year, the Charity Law of People’s Republic of China was implemented officially. It brings the charitable trust into the legal nms has confirmed the imptance of  self-growth ability f charitable ganization funds on the legal aspects. Zhai Meiqing said that although the charitable trust had taken a histic step, it was still in the trial new era. How to accomplish it later also depends on the driving fce of construction of the policy system. At present, the suppting tax policy is clear, resulting in less willingness of setting up charitable trust with a large amount of charitable funds; in addition, charitable ganization as a trustee of the trust is difficult to accomplish.

To optimize related policies of the development of charitable trust as soon as possible, to further optimize the positive role of charitable trusts, nurturing charity undertakings, to promote charitable trust to a vibrant life, Zhai Meiqing made the following four suggestions:

First, it is to speed up the construction of tax incentives f charitable trusts. To cultivate the soil of the development of charitable trust, tax incentive system can be absent. It is recommended to start as soon as possible the development of charitable trust tax policy fmulation, which is wked out by the central unified, implemented by the local.

Second, it is to the remove the ling obstacles of charitable ganization as a trustee of charitable trusts. It suggests the central bank to actively participate in the overall system of charitable trust, establish bank special account opening ling rules to promote “Charity Law”, at the same time the CBRC gives special business guidelines to allow charities to open a special charitable trust bank account.

Third, it is to encourage the diversification of cooperation between trust companies charitable ganizations. F example, in addition to the existing trust company as a trustee, charitable ganizations are as the implementation of the model, it can also encourage the fmation of the double trustee model.

Fourth, it is to encourage charitable trust in the legal system to innovate boldly. F example, to encourage the trustee to collect trust in the fm of charitable trust initiated by me small dons; to encourage the combination of charitable trust family trust, to carry out comprehensive family wealth management business, to protect the wealth of high net wth population reasonably apply it to the field of charity.

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