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Liu Zhiqiang, the Chairman of Xiangjiang Group Board led a delegation to visit Shantou

DATE:2017.02.28 SOURCE:

On February 27th in Yingbin Hotel, Liu Xiaotao, may of Shantou the delegation led Liu Zhiqiang, the Chairman of Xiangjiang Group Board held a seminar. The two sides exchanged profound views on promoting industrial projects cooperation

Liu Zhiqiang said, Xiangjiang Group hoped to be able to participate in the comprehensive revitalization of Shantou development construction, to build a home intelligent service center serving f eastern Guangdong Fujian Ganzhou surrounding areas in Shantou. The center plans to provide one-stop full house function solutions to promote the development of smart home industry in eastern Guangdong based on traditional home services. At the same time, Xiangjiang Group is very optimistic about the generous plan of overseas economic cultural cooperation experimental zones, it hopes the health industry of the Group can be introduced to the test area, including the construction of overseas Chinese healthy town with six healthy systems including health care, healthy tourism, healthy pension, healthy living, healthy financial.

Liu Xiaotao says, welcome invests from all over the country to Shantou, the municipal government will do its best to guarantee the service, the arrangement of special contact, refine deepen cooperation, to contribute to the accomplishment of industrial projects.

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