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Xiangjiang Social Rescue Fund cares f the phaned po families in Guangdong at the end of the year

DATE:2017.01.30 SOURCE:

On January 23rd, while the Lunar New Year was coming, volunteers in Xiangjiang Social Rescue Fund led by Liu Qiuyan, the Secretary General, sent holiday greetings care from the community to the po families of Guangzhou. This public service called “I love Guangzhou ----- sending blessings wishes enjoying lantern Festival in the Year of the Rooster” is sponsed by Guangdong TV Station Guangzhou Volunteers Association, suppted by the Xiangjiang Social Rescue Fund. Liu Qiuyan, the Secretary General of Xiangjiang Social Rescue Fund 30 volunteers of Xiangjiang Group took part in the activity with me than 100 celebrities from all walks of life the public, which offered a new year full of love created a new style of public service f the residents in Guangzhou, passed care warmth to the people.

The Secretary General Liu Qiuyan volunteers visited the elderlies, lost families, po children, sanitation wkers other families in groups, personally sent to them with a warm heart of New Year gift bags, expressing deep greetings of love, to warm the hearts of social care. Xiangjiang Heath industry specially meticulously made Qingrun tea, Yangrun tea golden rooster sachets which were suitable f the health of elderlies f the activity. In the following two days, Xiangjiang Social Rescue Fund will also wk with Guangzhou Volunteers Association Ren Yongquan star volunteers team ganize 200 the above elderlies, po children, sanitation wkers other brothers sisters to enjoy the Yuexiu lantern Festival. Volunteers will personally accompany them to enjoy the colful lantern Festival, send gift bags, so as to make me brothers sisters spend a meaningful memable New Year’s trip feel the warmth of the society the atmosphere of spring.

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