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Xiangjiang Health industry moves into the community health care market

DATE:2017.01.17 SOURCE:

On January 9th, in Xiangjiang Chinese medical hospital, which is launched by Xiangjiang Health industry, it held a gr opening celebration. After nearly a year of effts to prepare, the Chinese medical hospital covering an area of me than 1 thous square meters finally opened f business officially.

Xiangjiang Chinese medical hospital is a medical service center cooperated with several well-known 3A hospitals providing professional, caring, convenient services. It focuses on providing the most excellent health care services f the community families in China, so that the community residents can enjoy the top medical resources health services remain within dos. Xiangjiang Chinese medical hospital has brought together the best docts of well-known hospitals in the country, specially inviting including the chief physician profess Liu Zhenhuan, the president of Nanhai maternity child health hospital, the chief expert profess Chen Biansheng, from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine affiliated Shenzhen Pingle thopedic hospital, profess Yang Xishan, the fmer president of Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, the chief physician profess Yu Qingyun, from Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University other famous medical experts.

Xiangjiang Chinese medical hospital is based on health care, while providing traditional Chinese Western medicine clinic, physical examination, department of Stomatology, genetic testing, psychological counseling, cosmetic other services. In addition, it also has a health supermarket, which is to provide customers with healthy, reliable daily drugs, natural ganic food supplies.

Xiangjiang Chinese medical hospital takes Jinxiu Garden, Panyu, Guangzhou as a start, in the next 3 years it will establish Xiangjiang Chinese medical hospital chain stes in the three largest free trade zones in Guangdong: Qianhai in Shenzhen, Nansha in Guangzhou, Hengqin in Zhuhai Feicui Oasis Community in Guangzhou. When conditions are mature, it plans to further exp 100 Xiangjiang Chinese medical hospitals to the mainstream mainl cities.

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