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Heung Kong Acquires Hanxi Changlong Plot to Set Benchmark f Urban Villa

DATE:2016.12.01 SOURCE:

Heung Kong acquired the two residential ls in Hanxi Village, Panyu on Nov. 22 at a price of 194.61 million yuan, with a matched building area of 2,700 m2. Calculated at a construction installation cost of 3,500 yuan/m2 excluding the matched building area, the l price per flo area is expected to reach 29,634 yuan/m2.

This alluring l received the ceiling price offer even befe the bidding started, directly entered into the step of matched building competition. Ultimately, Heung Kong became the final winner over big-name developers like Country Garden, Poly, Vanke China Merchants.

Heung Kong had been widely known as a big planner f the large-scale development of the South China segment. The Jinxiu Heung Kong under the company’s name is listed among the “Eight Heavenly Guardians of South China Segment”. Since its commencement, the project has been insisting on the philosophy of “living in sync with the wld”, developed a garden-in-city, which became a famous international community.

The upscale-stard Hanxi Changlong plot is located in the Panyu New Town, a project under the key suppt from the government, adjoins the heavily-funded Wanbo business area, which is referred to as the “fth business center in Guangzhou” the “future CBD of Panyu”. In addition, it is the economic ce of Panyu, as well as a scientifically innovative zone, houses a 5A tourist attraction rarely seen in Guangzhou – Changlong tourist rest.

Currently, the price f the premier-quality project of Zhujiang New Town has exceeded 100,000 yuan/m2, the highest up to 180,000 yuan/m2. Such a rate would probably prompt Zhujiang New Town, the next villa builder after Jinxiu Heung Kong, to come back next year to redefine China South segment the living stard in Guangzhou at a price of over 100,000 yuan.

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