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Heung Kong Board Chairman Liu Zhiqiang President Zhai Meiqing Attend the 2016 APEC Summit in Peru

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The 2016 APEC CEO Summit was held on Nov. 19 in Lima, Peru. China’s President Xi Jinping was invited delivered a keye speech entitled Deepening Partnership, Strengthening Development Momentum, which emphasized the necessary role of the Asian-Pacific region in infusing new power to wld economic recovery opening a new path f wld economic growth. While seeking its own development, China is also play an active part of leading the Asian-Pacific countries creating me opptunities f local people. This APEC CEO Summit also invited Liu Zhiqiang, Vice Chairman ACFIC, Vice Direct of CEC Board Chairman of Heung Kong Zhai Meiqing, Sting Committee Member of ACWF President of Heung Kong.

Chairman Liu President Zhai attended together the China-Peru CEO Night sponsed by CCPIT APEC China Business Council, CCOIC in the evening of Nov 19.

Zhai pointed out that as new changes are taking place in the wld economy this year, free trade globalization is encountering new challenges, the theme f this conference – High-Quality Growth & Human Development, is exactly a reflection of such a profound change the strategy against it.

Zhai explained to the guests present that Heung Kong, as a company from China, has grown into a private group owning an asset of nearly 20 billion USD yielding an annual sale of about 5 billion USD after over 20 years of development, is operating diversified businesses including commerce, finance health. With the advancement of China’s B & R strategy, the company is planning to exp its businesses by way of merger cooperation, in der to establish an exchange bridge among Asian-Pacific enterprises benefit Chinese Asian-Pacific people. She also called f the spirit of innovation creativity in entrepreneur groups who are dedicated to creating wealth employment, as well as their enthusiasm in fulfilling cpate social responsibility, so as to make measurable contributions to the sustainable, high-quality growth of the Asia-Pacific region social progress human well-being

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