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Zhai Meiqing: Canton Entrepreneurs in New Era Should Seek Innovative Development Undertake the New Mission

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The third Canton Entrepreneur Conference was held on September 23. The countrywide canton entrepreneurs, business associations from Hong Kong Macao, overseas Canton entrepreneurs, totally almost 1.2 thous people attended the Conference. At the conference, Zhai Meiqing, president of Heung Kong Group discussed with other representatives about how the Canton entrepreneurs in new time should develop innovatively undertake the new mission actively.

Zhai Meiqing thought that in der to obtain success in the changing era, enterprises needed to change with the time adapt to the new economy new nmal. An imptant node of modern economic development of China is that stays in a fast development period of infmatization. Promoting the innovation of business model in the age of internet is the responsibility task f new Canton entrepreneurs from Guangdong Provincial Government. As the internet manufacturing powerhouse, Guangdong needs to confm to the trend of the new round industrial transfmation, accelerating the development of “Internet plus” promoting the innovation, breakthrough development of business model. Thus, the most pressing essential f new Canton entrepreneurs is constructing ce competiveness with internet platfm.


In der to following the strategic development direction of the country, Heung Kong Group considering the actual dem of itself, proposed the innovative development strategy with the transfmation upgrading as the main ways. The general direction of innovative development strategy of Heung Kong Group is that using the “Internet plus” big data technology to drive the upgrading of traditional industries; giving priity to the development of business 4.0, O2O of online furnishing retailers, finance industry health industry, realizing the great-leap-fward development of the Group; accelerating the financial M & A the listing process of its assets, building a cross-industry platfm f investment financing, insisting on the combination of industry finance. In the new era, enterprises are supposed to undertake me social responsibilities actively play an exemplary role in the promotion of spiritual civilization, besides the generation of material wealth promotion of commercial civilization.

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