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Heung Kong Charitable Foundation Shows up at the Fifth China Charity Fair

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In the mning of September 23, the fifth China Charity Fair with theme as “promoting mercy with the law to overcome poverty” was held in Shenzhen, 2.6 thous charitable ganizations, enterprises individuals from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, direct-controlled municipalities Hong Kong, Macao Taiwan, 75 international charitable ganizations attended it.

As the first charity foundation without public offerings in China, Heung Kong Charitable Foundation showed up at the Fair. Holding “making charity a kind of fashion, custom culture” as the theme, it displayed the overall image in several sections including Heung Kong Group, Heung Kong Charitable Foundation, the founder, Heung Kong volunteers Heung Kong employees’ mutual fund, development histy public welfare programs. At the same time, reproducing the key br projects, “Heung Kong Love Library”, “Heung Kong Child-Friendly Community” “Heung Kong Light bringer” in the way of interactive entity display, winning praises from government leaders, experts, media wkers citizens.

In the afternoon of September 24, Liu Qiuyan, the direct of Heung Kong Group general manager of the health industry, secretary general of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation attended the Summit on Practice of Social Finance Social Service PPP in Shenzhen on behalf of the Foundation, made a speech entitled with Returning to the igin—On the Enterprise Strategy Foundation Development with the Ten Years of “001”.

It is understood that the Fair lasted f three days (from 23 to 25). The main venue is the number one six halls that cover about 40 thous square meters. It is the first time setting sub-venue, which is located in Haiyu Community in Bao’an District, covering around a thous square meters mainly displaying the special charitable ganizations programs in the community. The Fair set the poverty-alleviation area with 142 exhibits including both of the supply side dem side of resources, fming an ecological chain of poverty alleviation. It also set the charity culture section f the first time, setting a theme park of charity culture to disseminate the modern charity concepts developments, making charity into the community people gradually.

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