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The Readers’ Sharing Session Signing Session of Meiqing Held in Shenzhen Book City

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At the night of October 22, the readers’ sharing session signing session of the book, Meiqing: the Entrepreneurial Miracle of a Chinese Woman ganized by the Writers Publishing House, Shenzhen Book City Heung Kong Charitable Foundation in southern Zhongxincheng branch of Shenzhen Book City. The biographer Ye Mei the biographee Zhai Meiqing, president of Heung Kong Group Chairman of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation attended the activity, interacting with readers gifting autographs as a souvenir in a warm atmosphere. It is said that the sale of this book keeps increasing has been top of the bestseller list in many book cities online bookstes since appeared in April. F example, it is the top of documentary literature list in May on Dangdang, the largest online bookste in China, the top of the literature list in June in Wujiaochang Branch of Xinhua Bookste in Shanghai, the top of the economics management books in June in the Zhongxincheng branch of Shenzhen Book City.

At the sharing session, the host, president Zhai Meiqing, famous writer Yemei fmer president of Shenzhen University, profess Zhang Bigong had a hot discussion on the topic, “a life of legend with wealth charity”. The three guests spoke freely frankly, express their own understing of wealth charity.


Zhai Meiqing said, “Life is only a practice of mercy love, but also a pursuit of beauty a sublimation of health. I advocate the philosophy of life that mercy love is the root. Whether rich po, everyone shall establish his own philosophy of life only in this way, the changeable wld can change him easily. In my eyes, the success means that when I leave the wld my family even the society feel proud of me because of my mal character behavis but because of my money. Her sincere sharing won the warm applause from audiences.

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