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Zhai Meiqing: Charity Makes Wealth Life Me Meaningful

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“The driving power f me to create wealth is that help people in need.” At the night of October 23, Zhai Meiqing, president of Heung Kong Group chairman of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation made a speech entitled with Charity Makes Wealth Life Me Meaningful in Shansi Hall of Sun Yat-sen Business School. The company tenet of Heung Kong Group in 1998 was decided as “running the business well to contribute to society” in 2005, the Group established Heung Kong Charitable Foundation, the first charity foundation without public offerings in China. She said, “Charity is my second life”.

At the night, the lecture sponsed by Sun Yat-sen Business school, Writers Publishing House, Heung Kong Charitable Foundation attracted many students other people out of school. Party secretary of Sun Yat-sen Business School Qi Xiaoping, direct of MBA center of Sun Yat-sen University Yao Hailin, profess of Business School Chen Zhuming Liu Qiuyan, direct of Heung Kong Group secretary general of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation attended the activity together.

Zhai Meiqing said that it was the first time f her to make a speech in university, especially in her Alma Mater. She regarded this activity a communication between minds, sharing her experience of starting a business the understing of charity with people.


Referring to the experiences starting a business, Zhai Meiqing said that as a typical Cantonese, she has a strong intention to be a businesswoman when she was in middle school. In der to realize this dream, she gave up the stable job in the state-owned ganization once wked as a street vend. She made a living in Beijing at 21 won her first one million when she was 23. However, except success, she suffered me frustration. She dwelled in the basement lived on sweet potato in difficult times. “There is shtcut to success. We should always have a dream, stick with it whatever difficulties encountered. Then, one day we will create a miracle.” Zhai Meiqing said about her business.

Why I chose charity? Zhai Meiqing said that in early 1990s, she visited the school in mountain area in nthern Guangdong by chance. The po conditions of the school shocked her a lot. She contributed money to the school, in which she felt the happiness of helping people in need. She wrote in her diary, “The idea struck on me that contributing to society makes my life me meaningful.”

In recent years, Zhai Meiqing wks on promoting the stardized sustainable development of public service model. When answering the question from an audience, she took the “Heung Kong Female Entrepreneur Fund” as the example said, “blood generation is me imptant than blood transfusion”. The “Heung Kong Female Entrepreneur Fund” helps the po by infmation finance, providing discount interest funds of small-sum guarantees loan f rural women in poverty to develop production, which is a kind of “blood generating” assistance.

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