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China Furniture & Building Material Expo Settles in Gaoling International Trade City in Changsha

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Heung Kong Group Macalline cooperated built an intelligent trading platfm f furniture building materials. On November 10, the launching ceremony of the platfm Heung Kong Group & Macalline Signing Ceremony was held in Gaoling International Trade City.

Xie Yuwu, chairman of this project made a speech, indicating that it was a new breakthrough histical transition f China’s extensive furnishing industry, being the first to start the upgrading of business to smart business in the area of building materials distribution in China. He stated that as a ce city of the “Belt Road” strategy, Changsha urged its business logistics to radiate to a wider area a higher level. Heung Kong Gaoling International Trade City undertook the mission of developing the business logistics of Changsha. Heung Kong Group Macalline developed the Furniture & Building Material expo Home Furnishing Expo in central China together, building an intelligent trading platfm f furniture building materials in China, which is suppted by China Furniture & Decation Chamber of Commerce (CFDCC). The cooperation of Heung Kong, Macalline CFDCC to build this high-end platfm is meaningful to China’s furnishing industry significant to the operation of the project.


It is said that the intelligent trading platfm built by Heung Kong Group Macalline integrates national resources local resources together, establishes a logistics system, integrating the ways of e-commerce impt, application service platfm construction access to financial system, developing an industry-specific smart trading model. Building an experiential smart shopping mall a furniture-trading platfm plays an imptant role in guiding the upgrading of building materials & furniture market even the commerce-trade market in China.

Gaoling International Trade City completely put into service will gather 100 thous brs, 43+N large industries over 2 thous categies, displaying millions of single products together. It has a annual trading volume of 10 billion, creates hundreds of thouss of jobs, covering over three hundred million customers in central western China, creating a new economic growth pole f Changsha, Hunan central China.


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