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Zhai Meiqing, President of Heung Kong Group, Elected the “2016 Responsible Leader”

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On July 29, “Responsibility & Consensus Building”, the 8th China Cpate Social Responsibility (CSR) Annual Fum, the most high-profile meeting in this field that is sponsed by Southern Weekend was held in Beijing. Zhai Meiqing, the president of Heung Kong Group chairman of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation was elected to be the “2016 Responsible Leader” owing to her great contributions to social responsibility social benefits, Heung Kong Group under her leadership won the “Best Liability Business Award” because of the long-term effts in promoting the sustainable development of modern Chinese society.

China CSR Annual Fum is understood to be an annual activity sponsed by Southern Weekend since 2009. Based on the “China CSR election” that has twelve years of histy, surveying, it is a comprehensive survey operated by Southern Weekend on the responsibility fulfillment of state-owned, private transnational cpations.

Zhai Meiqing stated that this Award was a kind of recognition what is me it was a kind of stimulation. In the future, Heung Kong Group will insist on the company tenet, “running the business well to contribute to society”, the ce values, “love, honesty integrity”, serving the public the society furthest through political participation, Guangcai Program, charities to fulfill the social responsibility.

What is mentionable is that Heung Kong Charitable Foundation under the leadership of Zhai Meiqing insists on making effts to play a leading role in the strategic transfmation of charities, attempting to do some interactive stardized charities in these years. They wk on the community construction in po areas in the way of “blood generation”, creating a good employment entrepreneurial environment f them encouraging them to improve the life through their own effts. At the beginning of 2012, the “Heung Kong Love Library” of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation was granted the title “Model Project of Social Wk Services” by the Non-governmental ganization Bureau of the Ministry of Civil Affairs owing to the stardized procedures the professional executive ability, won the award of “2015 Excellent Social Innovation Project in the Wld”.

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