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Heung Kong Group Sparkles at Bao’an Industrial Development Expo

DATE:2016.07.31 SOURCE:

On July 28, “2016 Bao’an Industrial Development Expo” was held in hall 1 of Shenzhen Convention  Exhibition Center.It lasted f three days, manifesting the great achievements of Bao’an in industrial development. It was said that this was the first district-level exhibition of industrial development in Shenzhen, almost 50 thous professional people from 17 countries regions in the wld visiting it. The Expo will try to build a “never-closed O2O platfm” in the future.

As a heavyweight attending the Expo this time, Heung Kong Group wined high appraisal from Li Yong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Bao’an District, Shenzhen, signed a letter of intent of maj projects with Bao’an government on July 28. Kinhom smart home, health care service digital smart products on the exhibition all attracted visits’ much attention.

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