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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Promoted; Meiqing Praised

DATE:2016.06.29 SOURCE:

On June 19, 2016 National Entrepreneurs’ Day Annual Meeting of Chinese Entrepreneur took place in Harbin. Wang Zhongyu, vice-president of CPPCC president of China Entrepreneur Association, made a speech with the title as Inspiring Entrepreneurship Promoting Enterprise Refm Innovation.

In his speech, Wang Zhongyu appealed f respecting, understing, caring suppting entrepreneurs respecting their social value, approving entrepreneurs’ contribution to economic social development advocating commending cautious conscientious entrepreneurs who have made good results contributions.

Wang Zhongyu particually mentioned that the Writers Publishing House ganized on May 28 a seminar about a voluminous documentary writing written by famous writer Ye Mei---Meiqing: Miracle Created by a Chinese Entrepreneuse which describes exemplary deeds on entrepreneurship of Zhai Meiqing, CEO of Heungkong is imptant to propagize examples of enterprise innovation social responsibility dedication spirits of entrepreneurs as well as build a sound public opinion environment. Wang Zhongyu confirms that a batch of dedicated entrepreneurs who have the courage to bring fth new ideas, strive f the best wk hard, such as Ren Zhengfei, Liu Chuanzhi Zhang Ruimin, it is imptant to create such a social atmosphere that entrepreneurs will gain respect, understing care.   

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