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Heungkong Charitable Foundation Paid Children Friendly Community a Return Visit

DATE:2016.06.18 SOURCE:

From June 12 to 13, Yan Jingping, president of Guangdong Women’s Federation, Zhai Meiqing, CEO of Heungkong president of HCF Liu Qiuyan, direct of Huengkong secretary-general of HCF paid a return visit to Children Friendly Communities in Wufu Village of Guanyu Town, Deqing County in Shuguang Village of Jiangkou Town, Fengkai County.

HCF has invested 4.3 million yuan to establish 50 Children Friendly Communities in Guangdong Province with Guangdong Women’s Federation beneficiaries amount to 320 thous, including 65 thous children.

During the visit, Yan Jingping, president of Guangdong Women’s Federation, greatly approved effts HCF has made on women children career of Guangdong Province paid hon to Zhai Meiqing f her charitable contributions.

During the return visit, Zhai Meiqing her party also visited local po families, sent consolation money resources to them encouraged them to face life strongly positively. Volunteers with HCF Heungkong Cultural Promotion Commission gave a colful manual training class to left-behind children presented books to them; volunteers from Heungkong Sanatium saw the local village patients on a volunteer basis.

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