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A Counterpart of Hengqin Finance & Media Center, China’s Highest Building, A Blockbuster in Guangdong FTA

DATE:2016.05.14 SOURCE:

Baoku China announced on May 11 its settlement in Hengqin Finance & Media Center built by Heungkong. It is aher lmark estate Baoku China has chosen after it entered Shanghai Tower, the highest building in China.

As the first wk of Hengqin Financial Isl, Hengqin Finance & Media Center is created by both Heungkong NF Media is a symbolic architecture with double influence of finance media, one only in Guangdong Free Trade Area (FTA). Hengqin Finance & Media Center will be only an internationally financial center but also a Chinese culture media model.

Accding to the person in charge of Heungkong, their cooperation invites Baoku & Arts Space to perfm seven-day centralized security management on collections in trust, including entrance guard, video, alarm, emergency hling, Internet huge data via integrated management platfm.

It is wth mentioning that Baoku China has lots of materials in the fields of arts, exhibition, collection auction, by which such dems as arts exhibition, cultural exchange leisure experience in the free trade area will be met.  

Cooperation with NF Media provides Hengqin Finance & Media Center with natural finance media gene. It is duty f Heungkong to build the cultural lmark in the free trade area while it is the first step to introduce Baoku & Arts Space.

Meover, as striving to build the cultural lmark, Heungkong connects commercial logistics, estate development, financial investment, resource energy healthcare together creates bank group, insurance cluster, netwk cluster, industrial cluster, media group pyramid club Asia-pacific financial ecosystem through multi-cooperation to provide customers with all-round service other financial enterprises with an industrial chain platfm.

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