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Zhai Meiqing Attends the 4th Session of the 12th CPPCC in Beijing

DATE:2016.03.07 SOURCE:

On March 3, Zhai Meiqing attended the 4th Session of the 12th CPPCC in Beijing. Zhai Meiqing attended the Session confident with four draft proposals.

 The proposals relate to heated social problems such as left-behind children suppting the seni citizens. She always pays highly attention to the issue how to build a protective mode f left-behind children. She suggests that government make payment f preschool education, that professional social ganizations be mobilized to create a satisfacty preschool education environment f left-behind children, so that the children may possess the social ability since their childhood. Specifically, her suggestions are composed of the following points: firstly, pay me attention to preschool education open up kindergartens in countryside. Secondly, government should make the determined decision to make payment f preschool education. Thirdly, train professional social ganizations government creates soft environment f preschool education by the mode of purchasing service. Fourthly, create conditions encourage the company of family.

Zhai Meiqings aher creative suggestion on the heated issue — serious lack of the number of beds f the elderly, unclear policy f real estate used f the elderly, is to use the houses in stock f way out of old-age care, effectively solving the problems of the both parties.

I hope that my suggestions can be feasible so as to help me people via government platfm, said Zhai Meiqing. The member of the CPPC has perfmed her tasks f 4 years. Now she considers draft proposals at the national level to reflect social problems that the proposals should be operable imptant to social development. Zhai Meiqing said that as a member of the CPPC, she hopes her proposals will help government to settle practical problems, that members of the CPPC may assist government to settle problems via proposals other social fces, as it is impossible f government to solve all issues.

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