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Heated Ste Purchase of Building D Building F in Global Trading Center

DATE:2016.01.27 SOURCE:

. Within 3 hours, the first 1,800 stes were sold out, which set a new recd of the commercial sale speed in Changsha. This was also aher miracle in commercial peak of Changsha, after Gaoling International Building Material Town won 2014 Championship of Changsha Annual Commerce Gaoling International Food won 2015 Championship of Changsha Annual Commerce.

The internal pre-sale of the stes with property rights in Building D Building F solely accounted f 20%. They were similar to Pa Stes based on the degree of scarcity, thus, it was sold well as expected. Pa Stes of Global Trading Center were purchased in a crazy way, f there was a suppt from reasonable reliable project value behind the seemingly unreasonable collective behavis. The large Jinxia Logistics Park, back the Global Trading Center, is the sole national-level logistics park in Hunan Province which enjoys the five elements transptation privileges — highway, waterway, railway, air transpt, pipelines. Government has invested hundred billion Yuan of suppting modern commerce trade to push fward old markets to relocate outwards to be upgraded. Changsha Gaoling Passenger Terminal, a national passenger terminal integrating into one the 6 functions including passenger transpt, metro transpt, taxi transpt so on, will be put into use in 2016 as estimated. The Extending Line of East Station Nth Station, a dedicated channel f Gaoling Passenger Transpt, will also be open to public in October, 2016. At that time, it will just take 5 minutes to reach the Wuyi Avenue.

80% of commercial tenants in Global Trading Center adopt the self-mastery operation. By strict verification of the tenants, we ensure prosperity since the opening ceremony. Gaoling is sincerely operating a market, now there have been over 9,000 br tenants stationed. So we are guaranteed. Following these large commercial tenants the Market, we are looking fward to high profits, said a Boss Chen from Shaoyang with confidence. 


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