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Zhai Meiqing is ed as Chairman of Guangzhou Taxpayers Federation

DATE:2016.01.20 SOURCE:

On January 11, the first general meeting of Guangzhou Taxpayers Federation was held in Marriott Hotel. At the meeting, participants elected Zhai Meiqing, President of Heung Group, as Chairman of the Federation, Lin Xingqi, Chairman of Guangzhou Restaurant Group as the General Supervis. Meanwhile, Xie Meng, Vice Chairman of Zheng Jia Group Co., Ltd., Fan Fei, General Manager of Zengcheng Heung Real Estate were elected as vice chairmans.

The essential tenet of the Federation is to ensure taxpayers legitimate interest, build a harmonious tax levying paying relationship, make sure of social stability local economy development. In essence, the Federation is a non-profit, non-governmental, neutral social ganization protecting the third-party taxpayers rights interests by self-management, self-discipline, self-supervision, self-development.

Up to January 10, there had been 163 members recruited f the meeting. The members are from various districts of Guangzhou in different industries such as finance, energy, real estate, manufacture, culture.

 Zhai Meiqing said that functions of the Federation are to make great efft to do practical things seek profits f a great many taxpayers, to carry out various taxation services. The Federation will provide satisfacty service f members general public in all directions: firstly, keep in mind the tenet of the Federation put up a bridge between taxpayers taxation service departments; secondly, set up a taxation training system build featured taxation services; thirdly, adhere to stardized operation, perfect the operation management mechanism of the Federation; fourthly, strengthen ganizational construction guarantee smooth implementation of the service  taxpayers.

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