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KINHOME Shopping Mall Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Baidu Future Ste

DATE:2015.12.30 SOURCE:

On December 16, KINHOME Shopping Mall Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Baidu. Both parties will collabate in the domains such as intelligence, big data, innovative technology application, jointly aim at smart home market which tends to rocket in the next five years, so that their powerful combination can push fward the new development of smart home by new thoughts innovative technology.

Baidu Future Ste is, as the nationally largest smart hardware sales platfm, committed to the supply of competitive smart hardware, so that the most excellent products in the intelligence domain can be displayed at the earliest. KINHOME Shopping Mall is, as a collective e-commerce platfm, committed to the innovation development of the home furnishing domain in the O2O mode the R&D promotion of intelligent home in the 4.0 mode, including the five domains: whole-home furniture, customized whole-home furniture, intelligent home, appliances, service f life.

Undoubtedly, the strategic cooperation between KINHOME Shopping Mall Baidu Future Ste has adopted the mode of O2O+intelligence, which will accelerate both parties expansion extension in the development direction industry scale of smart home. After the strategic cooperation with KINHOME Shopping Mall, the flagship ste of Baidu Future Ste will be stationed in the smart home shops. Both parties will jointly create a on-site data collection analysis system to carry fward the collection, analysis, promotion of big data by means of multiple comprehensive cooperation, thus, opening up a new era of smart travel, smart life, smart spts.

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