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Benevolent Enterprises Gave Gifts on International Children's Day

DATE:2014.06.02 SOURCE:

On May 29, an event themed “ Childishness Jointly Build the Chinese Dream” and “Celebration on the International Children’s Day” was co-hosted by Guangdong Work Committee for Women and Children and Women Association. Government leaders like Ma Xingrui (vice-secretary of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and secretary of Politics and Law Committee), Lin Shaochun (vice-governor and director of Guangdong Work Committee for Women and Children) and Wen Lanzi (vice-chairman of Guangdong Provincial CPPCC and chairman of Guangdong Women Association) as well as representatives like Hua Wenbing (chief cultural officer of Heung Kong Group) attended this ceremony.

On the ceremony, Wen Lanzi awarded Heung Kong Charitable Foundation a donation certificate to cite the great contribution in charity made by Heung Kong Group. Heung Kong Charitable Foundation planned to donate 5.5 million yuan to build 50 new friendly communities for children this year. The friendly community for children based on grass roots was playing a significant role in setting up new modes of children protection on a community-family basis, cultivating social atmosphere characterized by care for children and children priority and promoting children’s happy, healthy and safe growth.

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