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Heung Kong Charitable Foundation Attended the 2014 Lingshan Charity Development Conference

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On the morning of May 17, the 2014 Lingshan Charity Development Conference was inaugurated in Lingshan, Wuxi. About 400 representatives from political leaders, relevant UN offices in China, charity organizations and enterprises participated in this meeting. And Heung Kong Charitable Foundation was also invited as a participant.

On the opening ceremony, the honored guest in this conference stepped on the stage to hold up the “Seal” towards the margin of calligraphy scroll images appearing on the screen and stamped it through remote control to display that they would do practical activities for “ Love and Kindness”.

Leader guests like Gu Xiulian ( vice-chairman of the 10th Standing Committee of NPC and chairman of Lingshan Charity Development Conference) respectively made a speech in the conference. As a member of Boao Forum for Asia(BFA) International Advisory Committee and vice-chairman of Lingshan Charity Development Conference, Long Yongtu then held a summit themed “Love and Kindness----Charity in China in a Global Perspective”.

During the conference, guests like Gu Xiulian (vice-chairman of the 10th Standing Committee of NPC), Long Yongtu (vice-chairman of Lingshan Charity Development Conference), Sun Weilin (inspector of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Administration of Non-governmental Organizations) and He Daofeng (executive director of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation) met with Hua Wenbing ( chief cultural officer of Heung Kong Group) respectively for deep talks in charity issues.

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