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Call Center 400 of Heung Kong Business Group Was Officially Launched

DATE:2014.04.03 SOURCE:

To further improve the communication and exchange with the customers, customers’ awareness for the brand, their satisfaction and loyalty and enhance the company reputation and brand competiveness, Heung Kong Business Group set up a national call center and commenced the customer hotline 400 on April 1.
Call Center 400 has been successfully connected with SAP system of our company, which can realize screen popup for incoming calls from customers and save all historical records for the customers. Uniform and professional service image and service window will be available for national customers. Customers’ complaints, inquiries, suggestions and praises for presales, sales and after-sales are handled by manpower and automatic voice. It can help us understand various service requirements of our customers and collect customer feedback information. We will serve our customers to their satisfaction by offering corresponding solutions, pacification, work order issued to the shops for follow-up handling, information sorting and data analysis. This will provide reliable evidences for customer service management assessment for the shops and decision-making analysis from company management.

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