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O2O Experience Shop of Kinhom Shopping Mall Was Opened

DATE:2014.03.31 SOURCE:

Recently, Kinhom Shopping Mall cooperated with Kinhom Brand Direct Selling City to open O2O—O2O Experience Shop of Kinhom Shopping Mall. The experience shop integrates civil furniture and office furniture and realizes online and offline sales. It will be forged to the biggest experience shop for online furniture purchase in China.
Located in the core section of Shahe, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, O2O Experience Shop of Kinhom Shopping Mall covers a land area of over 5,000m2 and is the first branded shop covering home furniture, office furniture and overall solution for engineering field. It is the biggest professionalized experience shop for home furnishing e-commerce.
By online and real-time review and comparison and placing orders for offline material objects, O2O Experience Shop of Kinhom Shopping Mall can thoroughly remove consumers’ worries about online furniture purchase. All furniture of the experience shop keeps pace with online shopping mall of Kinhom. Models and prices will be the same. O2O is fully realized. If consumers hit the target furniture on Kinhom Shopping Mall, they can go to the experience shop and check the material objects at any time, witness model, material, size and fabrication and place their orders in experience shop and online shop.
At the age of internet e-commerce, Kinhom lays equal emphasis on online and offline sales. The first experience shop -- O2O Experience Shop of Kinhom Shopping Mall will lay a solid foundation for setting up more professionalized experience shops in future. It will fully enter O2O stage of home furnishing e-commerce, compete in the industry with far-reaching vision and strength, get ready for the development and keep moving forward.

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