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No.3 Hall of Global Home Furnishing CBD of Heung Kong Debuted with Good Sales Volume

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On October 1, 2013, No.3 Hall—Western Louvre, Global Home Furnishing CBD of Heung Kong started the business. The anniversary of CBD1 and CBD2 and Guangdong Products Exhibition were grandly held as well. It was an unprecedentedly grand occasion with multiple annual records created in terms of scale, people flow, vehicle flow and transaction volume, which proved the strength of Heung Kong by super large scale.

At 9 AM, No.3 Hall had been crowded with people in a 300-meter queue from No.3 Hall Gate to the road intersection. When the hall gate was open in the morning, the consumers flooded into the hall from each entrance. Apart from the new experience brought by the big brand home furnishings factories, Global Home Furnishing CBD of Heung Kong prepared various activities for the Chengdu citizens, including ten-thousand-people birthday party, luck draw for Maldives tour, RMB 10 pay for RMB 3,000 and luck redraw for iPhone5S, autographed copy sales by CEO. These activities triggered the hot purchase by the citizens. To make the business opening of Western Louvre successful, all staff of Global Home Furnishing CBD (Chengdu) worked out a perfect work plan and presented a high-level business opening banquet for extensive consumers and the industry by their work enthusiasm day and night.

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