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Heung Kong Donated Hearing Aids Valued RMB 1 Million to Deaf Children

DATE:2013.10.02 SOURCE:

Recently, “Aid Action for Guangzhou Deaf Children in Poverty—A Ceremony for Hearing Aids Donation and Fitting” co-sponsored by “Heung Kong Charitable Foundation” and “Audiology Development Foundation of China” in Guangzhou School for the Deaf. Weng Qianhui (vice president of Heung Kong Group) and Long Cuiting (deputy secretary general of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation) attended the donation ceremony. Heung Kong Charitable Foundation donated 80 hearing aids valued RMB 1 million to 48 deaf children including some students from Guangzhou School for the Deaf.

At the donation ceremony, Weng Qianhui gave a speech on behalf of Heung Kong Group and stated the following: This project offered recovery aid for the deaf in poverty by such channels as hearing aids donation. Undoubtedly, this was a great benefit for the deaf children. It was hoped that the whole society could concern about the vulnerable groups living in a silent world.

The simple and touching donation ceremony came to an end with the nice recitation by the deaf children. Then, Weng Qianhui and the peers, being led by the principal, visited the dormitories of Guangzhou School for the Deaf. As Weng Qianhui stated, Heung Kong Group would keep concerning about the wearing of hearing aids by the deaf children, hoping that such assistance could be further expanded so as to offer a chance for the deaf children to listen to the world.

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