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Heung Kong Group Participating in the 2nd Charity Exhibition

DATE:2013.09.25 SOURCE:

During September 21 and 23, the 2nd Charity Exhibition of China was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. Heung Kong Group participated in the exhibition for the second time and attracted the strong attention of the present media and audiences.

Heung Kong Group took “Cherish Every Life” as the theme to participate in the exhibition and it was also brand-new reflection of continuous development and innovation of Heung Kong Group’s charities for more than twenty years. The exhibition of Heung Kong Group included six modules, to show the charities of Heung Kong Group over the past twenty years via texts and illustrations. The special exhibit items like pitaya flower and black peanut displayed in the center of the exhibition area attracted the strong attention of the audience. All these were business results of the rural women who were benefited from “Heung Kong Woman Venture Fund”.

Weng Qianhui, Vice President of Heung Kong Group, was invited to attend the special session on “Promoting the Social Innovation with Business Intelligence” of the charity exhibition and made a theme speech in the session. Weng Qianhui introduced the project setting and management method of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation in the theme speech and showed how Heung Kong Group integrated the business intelligence with the social innovation on the charities, to better fulfill the social responsibility and make contribution for the development of charitable causes.
In the exhibition, Heung Kong Group showed an excellent corporate image with caritas and active sense of social responsibility. Based on the stable development over the past twenty years, Heung Kong Group firmly believes that the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. The establishment of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation provides a platform to urge the enterprise to continue the charities. In addition, Heung Kong Group has a higher power to lead more and more enterprises and individuals to participate in the charities, which is a target of Heung Kong Group and greatly shows the social responsibility of Heung Kong Group.


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