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Heung Kong Group Has Officially Concluded Contract On Fuxin Project

DATE:2013.05.19 SOURCE:

On 17th May, Zhang Peng, vice mayor of Fuxin City, Liaoning Province and other governmental leaders, and Hou Xingxi, chairman of Wutong Real Estate graced the headquarters of Heung Kong Group with their presence. Heung Kong Group president Zhai Dongliang, vice president Li Guochun and other leaders received the guests and their entourage. Hou Xingxi and Zhai Dongliang, representing Liaoning Wutong Real Estate and Heung Kong Group respectively, signed the cooperative agreement concerning the participation in “Heung Kong Home Furnishing Factory Wholesale City”.

The beginning of the cooperation of this project marks that Heung Kong Group has make new progress in terms of business attraction and development in Northeast China, and is of great strategic importance to its future development.

Introduction to Fuxin Project: Fuxin Hardware Building Material Mall, with a total investment of 3 billion RMB, is a large-scale fifth specialized mall with all kinds of types of operation, integrating hardware, building materials, furniture, home furnishing, decorative lighting, storage, and logistics. This project, located at the core area of Economic Development Zone, intersection between Fuxin Outer-ring Road and main road of Haiqing Road, boasts convenient transport – adjacent to the exit of expressway, and 5km away from Jiefang Square. The intensive economic cluster consisting of auto spare parts city, vehicle 4S stores, and future small commodity market at the surrounding area has already taken shape.

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