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Dubai Hospitals and the Rise of Medical Tourism

The state of Dubai has been in the spotlight for many good and positive reasons over the last many decades. The journey from a remote fishing town to a modern mega city has amazed and inspired many. The influx had started with the talented people from the South Asian region who sought career advancement in the GCC region in the mid-1960s and once the local rulers were able to develop the best infrastructure, a strong rise was witnessed in the number of foreign companies and entrepreneurs. Amid all the hype, there was another industry which not only came into being but flourished straight away. It was medical tourism, which started under the shade of tourism and hospitality and career advancement, and now has turned into a major force for the Dubai economy. The top-quality hospitals in Dubai have a major role to play behind this strong demand.


The overall healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates has evolved over the past few years, which has given birth to some of the best medical facilities in the world. These include huge hospital compounds and well-equipped diagnostic laboratories, which have been serving the local as well as foreign clients in a professional manner for the past many years. The huge medical facilities include but are not limited to surgery, chiropractic, cardiovascular, acupuncture, psychological counselling, psychiatry, pharmaceuticals, radiology, urology, and many other medical disciplines. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities that turn Dubai into the new hub of medical tourism.


  1. The hospitals in Dubai are studded with the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment while alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Asian, and homeopathy are also available to the diverse society of expatriates and locals in the state.
  2. The medical facilities in Dubai have the services of some of the most qualified and the most experienced doctors and healthcare professionals. Most of them are qualified from the universities located in the western hemisphere of the world while many of them have also completed their house job in those competitive countries. This all means that Dubai boasts the best medical talent on display for its medical tourists.
  3. Unlike any medical facility in the third world countries, the hospitals in Dubai are well-organized and have an efficient system in place which ensures provision of quality medical services to the patients. Check this link to know more about how the installation of the latest software, equipment, and the best medical talent coacts to offer the best medical and healthcare facilities to the medical tourists.