5 Common Mishaps That Can Cause Mattress Deterioration

Your mattress is an investment that you need to protect. By protecting your mattress, you can be sure that you will be getting a good night’s sleep for a long time. But there are things that we unknowingly do that can cause harm to our mattress.


If you are keen on protecting your memory foam mattress in Dubai, be sure to know these mishaps in order to avoid them in the future:


  1. Jumping on your mattress


If you have kids, expect that they will be jumping the bed from time to time. If this is an occasional thing, then you can let it go. But if this a constant thing, expect that you mattress will wear down earlier than expected. Try to teach your kids not to jump on their beds. Constant jumping will put stress on the bed’s spring and it will lead to misshapen or lopsided mattress. Plus, there are mattresses that are sturdy enough to withstand such pressure.


  1. Eating in your mattress


Eating in bed is not as bad as it sounds. But if you are not cleaning after your meal, food debris will be stuck in the mattress and will attract insects like ants. Not only it that the insects will eat and destroy the material, but it will cause inconvenience to mattress owners. Be sure to clean after you eat and don’t make it a habit to eat on your bed.


  1. Not cleaning your bed


Speaking of cleaning, cleaning your mattress is not just about getting rid of food debris and dirt. When you are cleaning your mattress, be sure to do a full sweep under the bed to get rid of dust buildup. Also, be sure to use the right cleaning materials and agents to ensure that the mattress material will be fully cleaned and intact.


  1. Not airing your mattress


One way of cleaning your mattress is air drying it after cleaning or from time to time. Airing your mattress will not only get rid of the dirt and dust, but the air and sunlight can also help get rid of bacteria and pathogens inside the mattress.


  1. Not buying a protector

Having a mattress protector in Dubai is a necessity to prolong the life of your mattress. Some mattress owners think that this is just an additional cost. But buying one can help save their mattress from early deterioration and protect it from the elements.